New PDF release: Lesser Known Chess Masterpieces, 1906-15

By Fred Wilson

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Lit>g2 �c2 0- 1 Testimonials Attila Groszpeter Former Hungarian champion and three-time Olympiad team member: "I played Petko Atanasov 25 years ago, but 1 remember that our game was very exciting from the beginning and the tension remained even in the endgame. It is nice to hear that he managed to bring up such an exceptionally strong player, the 2005 world champion Veselin Topalov. " 1M Silvio Danailov Manager of Veselin Topalov and other top players, past and present: "Petko Atanasov was a very strong player with a very original style and way of thinking.

Could be tried. t>hl Wlg7 The Armenian grandmaster plays in original fashion. b4 cxb3?! White is better developed and Black's king does not have the most reliable shelter, so it would probably have been wiser to keep the position closed. Wle2 This improves the queen while preventing . . e3 . b4! c4! Black's king is not as safe as he would like it to be. That is why White should strive to open the position, without regard for the opponent's bishop pair. 1 8 ... a3! Imaginative play here as well.

B2 �fd8 In this type of position I would prefer to move the knight as it opens the diagonal. For instance, after 1 4 . . ltJeB!? ltJe4 ltJc7 ( 1 S . . �ac 1 ltJe6 Black is doing alright. But Yochanan decides to leave it on f6 for a while. g3 �dS Also interesting was 1 6 . . ltJg4!? �fd l ttJh6. �xe6!? Black needs to have good nerves to allow such a move with so much riding on the result. �xb3! Such a cool-headed move! White seems to be able to take a piece in two different ways, but Yochanan j ust takes a pawn.

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