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By W. Ledermann

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While swarms are not dangerous to handle, they If they decide to take readily to confinement. cluster is placed in the net or hive, and they it is impossible to quieten them with darkness, They will keep on trying to or feeding syrup. all the bees are exhausted or dead. do not take wing after the invariably do, wetting them escape until It was found best to release the bees as soon as possible inside The guard slows down the exit of a hive with an entrance guard. the swarm so that the bees can remember the spot and can return when they miss the queen.

BEEKEEPING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES IN KENYA by KIREA I. KIGATIIRA (Beekeeping Section, National Nairobi, Kenya) Agricultural (Reprinted from "Apiculture in Tropical IBRA, London 1976, Pages 143-146) Laboratories Climates", BEEKEEPINGDEVELOPMENTPROtXAWlES IN KENYA by KIREA I. KIGATIIRA National (Beekeeping Section, Nairobi, Kenya) Agricultural (Reprinted from "Apiculture in Tropical IBRA, London 1976, Pages 143-146) The Basis Laboratories Climates", The beekeeping industry in Kenya is worth many millions of shillings and plays an important part in the economy of arid Beekeeping is a traditional practice, developed and areas.

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Intro. to Group Characters [math] by W. Ledermann

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