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"Buddhism simple and Simple" deals a transparent, undemanding treatise on Buddhism commonly and on expertise particularly. Steve Hagan provides the Buddha's uncluttered, unique teachings in daily, obtainable language unencumbered by way of spiritual ritual.

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A rule-any rule-would only open the door for relativism and contradiction. Nevertheless, we can see what's morally appropriate in each situation. We can easily see what actions and speech will lead us and others into hatred, confusion, difficulty, and suffering. And we can see what words and actions will not. It all has to do with our intention. Is our intention to hoodwink, mislead, inflate, or deceive others--or is it to be awake? Here is the focus for right speech. In any given moment, our eyes must be open to see our situation fully for what it is.

Buddhism Plain and Simple When we insist on hanging onto our branch, in our ignorance we think this is freedom. "I can do what I want, and if I feel like falling in midsummer, I will. " We don't see that what we're calling freedom is actually bondage. When we act this way, we become prisoners of our own whims and desires. As a result, we're unable to act out of seeing our situation for what it is, moment after moment. We're only able to act according to our cravings. We think that freedom lies in making choices based on our desires.

Since it's already of the dynamic world as a Whole, we can't conceive of anything that opposes it. rather than something that can be compared against something wrong. The second aspect of the Path is right intention. It's also sometimes called right resolve, right motive, or right thought. There's a story of Socrates testing the true intent of a youth who came to him for instruction. He wanted to see if this young man had the resolve to search for Truth. He took the youth to the river, and, after wading into the water, asked the young man to follow.

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