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It is a forty six web page PAPERBACK booklet, through JAMES E. TEW, colour photographs AND DRAWINGS, excellent booklet ON BEE protecting, basic and simple TO learn.

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For absolute control, approved chemicals give the best results. If you keep a few colonies for fun, use resistant bee stock and screened bottom boards, and use chemicals sparingly. If you don’t mind buying replacement packages occasionally, you can omit all chemical treatments and simply replace the bees as needed. Otherwise, mites are here to stay. ” Simply put, as much or as little time as you want to put into it. Depending on work schedules, some people spend time nearly each day with their hives, while other people with more restrictive schedules may only get to tinker with their colonies occasionally on weekends.

The Walter T. Kelley Company. dadant. I. Root Company, Medina, OH 44256. 1-800-289-7668. htm 42 Alabama Cooperative Extension System B a c k y a r d B e e k e e p i n g Common Questions and Comments From People Considering Beekeeping “I could never keep bees. ” Make no mistake; a bee sting is painful but not nearly as common as a beginning beekeeper might think. With experience and with appropriate protective gear, a beekeeper can reduce stings to a minimum. In just a short time, stinging occurrences approach being inconsequential.

Ten to 16 days later, the larvae crawl from the hive and drop to the ground outside, where they burrow into the soil and pupate. In about 3 to 4 weeks, they emerge as adult beetles and reenter the hive a week later. This process may repeat itself several times a year, especially during the warmer months. B a c k y a r d Colony damage does not occur when only a few adult beetles are present in the colony. Small hive beetles must build up their population significantly before they can take over and destroy a hive.

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