Download PDF by Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin: Assyria from the Rise of the Empire to the Fall of Nineveh

By Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin

ISBN-10: 1402157428

ISBN-13: 9781402157424

This Elibron Classics ebook is a facsimile reprint of a 1888 variation by way of T. Fisher Unwin, London.

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What makes these peculiarities doubly striking is that they are the very same for which the great lake of Palestine, the so-called Dead Sea, has always been famous a salt-water bottom, perhaps the lowest in : the world, since Mediterranean. it lies 1300 feet below the level of the These two lakes, with a difference of 5500 feet between their levels, yet identical in nature, are equally remnants of former seas, pools of that immense ocean of which the Caspian Sea a more gigantic memorial, and which once is but a upon time, ages before man had appeared on the earth, covered the greater part of Asia, Europe and Africa, with only the very highest mountain such as the Himalaya, the Caucasus, the Atlas, and, partly, the Alps rising above the waters ridges and forming solitary and widely scattered islands.

What it wanted in width, gave them sufficient room in which to live and increase, to be industrious and prosperous, and to develop, in the course of some three thousand years, that magnificent civilization, that profound national wisdom, which have been the marvel of the world, and are becoming more and more so with every conquest of the pickaxe and shovel those humble instruments which are as magicians' wands in the hands of the modern explorer, to call the dead to life and reconstruct cities and kingdoms.

27 peditions were really nothing but plundering raids on a gigantic scale, for the Egyptian monarchs an- none of the countries they sub never attempted to turn them into Egyptian jected, provinces, only occasionally building a fort or leav ing a garrison, but returned again and again, partly nexed politically to revel in this avenging of the old national grudge to " wash their hearts," as the Egyptian inscriptions expressively put it partly to gather the immense periodical spoils which they had come to regard as The people at home got into the habit their due.

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