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Unique insights into the endgame by means of Britain's major specialist.

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Once again Black ίβ prevented from playing 17 ... b5, this time because 18 e5 dxe5 ίβ met by 19 d6 forking the queen and knight. Αη­ other safety tip and another reaβοη why Ι usually prefer to leave the queen at home οη d8. 17 ••• "d8 Egg οη his face? tg4 38 Pawnstorm Systems ••••. -•••• •• . ~ Δ. ΔDJ.. :~ ~ ~ ~ It is clear that Black is failing ίη his mission to prevent the e4e5 push, since White has already eliminated one defender while another ίβ dislodged. • :'Μ8 22 θδl This always hits you when it is least desired; 22 ...

G4, with a VΊew to exchanging with the knight οη f3 62 Clαssical Variation or the bishop οη e2. Which piece it is exchanged for will alter the course of the game and we consider an example of each. Game12 Skembris - Psakhis Νοvί Sad Olympiad 1990 1 d4 lbf6 restraining role preventing Black's e6 queenside advance. Black, οη the 2 c4 3 lbf3 CΔ other hand, has the familiar plan: 4 d5 d6 pressurise the e-file and give 5 liJc3 exd5 White a headache οη the queen6 cxd5 g6 side. 7 e4 a6 Black ίβ fiddling with the move order to get ίη ...

A1though Ι have never employed the plan of 9... ιι4+, it does have its adherents. 10 g3 "d8 Νο, this is not the norma1 way to play. tf1!. tb2, after which the bishop will be murderous a10ng the long diagona1. After 11 li)f3 ο-ο White retains the initiative. "d8, it ίΒ hard to belίθνθ that it was worth a fu1l move to provoke 11 g3, but who knows? tc4 (υ) At first sight this appears to be an awkward square for the bishop, as it ίΒ blocked in by the d5 pawn. However, remember that White is looking towards the e4-e5 break and then perhaps d5-d6; ΒΟ the Flick-Κnife Attαck 55 Retreating the knίght to c8 keeps the d7 square Πθθ for the b8 knίght; and the c8 knίght can enter the game later after ...

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