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This quantity is a part of a chain which gives money owed of growth in microbial biology.

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45 PQQ AND QUINOPROTEINS Glucose Glucose 8 P - EmbdenMeyerhof pathway (glycolysls) Gluconate 6-Phosphogluwnate 2-Ketogluconate t 2ketogluconate 8-P Entner-Doudoroff pethway Hexose monophosphate pathway Figure 16 Alternative pathways for glucose metabolism. The abbreviation Pts refers to the PEP-linked phosphotransferase system. 1. Glucose Dehydrogenase in Pseudomonads Members of the genus Pseudatnonas are typically found in soil and water and are characterized by their ability to use a large variety of substrates as carbon and energy sources.

G. c - - + \ \ \ \r f w l f ' \ r 'Azurln' Cyt. co - 0 2 / 'Azurln' Qulnohaemoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase (type Ill) (membranes) Acetic acid bacteria : Acefobacfer and Gluconobacter ADH -haemsc - UQ Cyt. bo alternative oxidase - 0, 0, 0 2 Figure 14 Electron transport chains involved in the oxidation of alcohols. Little is known about the electron transport chain from the quinohaemoprotein type I1 alcohol dehydrogenase. The arrangement with respect to the membrane and ubiquinone (UQ) of the subunits of the quinohaemoprotein type Ill alcohol dehydrogenase is illustrated in Fig.

The initial step in glucose metabolism usually involves uptake of glucose into the cell, followed by phosphorylation to glucose 6-phosphate (Fig. 16). Alternatively, glucose can be directly oxidized by glucose dehydrogenase to gluconic acid, which may then be further oxidized to 2-ketogluconic acid. As a result, acid accumulates in the growth medium and this is a diagnostic feature of the pseudomonads. The gluconate and 2-ketogluconate may be subsequently taken up by the bacteria and metabolized by the EntnerDoudoroff pathway.

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