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By Sallie B. King

A Philosophical learn of the Buddha Nature Treatise and different chinese language Buddhist Texts

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793a. Here the idea of own-nature is refuted because, in the author1s view, it does not allow for the process of change as seen in the growth of a plant or in any process having a former and a subsequent stage. He evidently conceives of an own-nature as being eternal precisely in the sense of unchanging. Therefore any phenomenon or event which is in any way dynamic or in process is judged to be empty of an own-nature. ^ Thus the imp'ication is that since all is in flux, nowhere will one find an ownnature .

Hence the present form of the question. , his eternal non-attainment of nirvana• Thus the icchantika teaching is upayaf a means used to lead the so-called non-attainer to attainment. The main thrust of this section'*' is to refute both the My discussion focuses here on what 工 perceive as the overall emphasis of this section. It should be noted, ho w ­ ever, that the author (rather, the author of the comment passage [料 ß ] in which this is found) specifically men­ tions two HTnayana schools as targets of his criticism* He hasjthe Vibhajyavadins, or "those who make distinctions" (分 別 部 )/ represent the vievr that there is a Buddha nature.

Whether all beings or only some possess the Buddha nature and are thereby assured of the attainment of Buddhahood. The BNT "received serious consideration in China and Japan as a representative text arguing for the existence in all beings of Buddha nature and against the consciousness-only view recognizing no Buddha nature , 工 material did get mixed with the text during the process of transmission. (Takemura; p. ) Takemura makes a bold attempt to determine whether Vasubandhu, Paramartha, one else may have added these commentary-like passages.

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