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The system scored 76 common therapeutic activities and was last updated in 1983. A simplified version based on 28 therapeutic activities (TISS 28) has been published and a version for patients in high dependency units has been proposed. Another approach is to assess the severity of organ dysfunction based on the type and amount of treatment received. These organ failure scoring systems are used to give a probability of hospital death which takes into account the severity of dysfunction in each organ system and the effect on prognosis of dysfunction in several organ systems.

Incident No: Time Commenced: Time Arrived on Scene: Time leftScene: Arrived ICU: Time Ready to Transfer: TRANSFER COMMENTS / PROBLEMS: ESCORTING PERSONNEL Doctor: At Transferring Hospital Name: Name: Grade: On arrival there must be direct communication between the transfer team and the team who will assume responsibility for the patient. A record of the patient’s history, treatment, and important events during transfer should be added to the notes. Radiographs, scans, and results of other investigations should be described and handed over.

The reason for admission to intensive care has also been shown to affect outcome. As most intensive care units do not see a sufficient number of patients with the same condition, mathematical equations were developed to estimate probabilities of outcome derived from databases containing several thousand patients from many intensive care units. APACHE II allows the probability of death before discharge from hospital to be estimated. The probability of death for each patient admitted to intensive care can be summed to give the expected hospital death rate for the whole group.

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