A Tibetan Verb Lexicon: Verbs, Classes and Syntactic Frames - download pdf or read online

By Paul G Hackett

ISBN-10: 1559391960

ISBN-13: 9781559391962

The 1st Tibetan-English verb source to be released in additional than 30 years. it's a verb dictionary containing broad lexical information--there is over 1,700 root verb types and phrasal verb sub-entries.

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A Discussion for the Demonstration of Action, note 3). This is, as a matter of fact, the opinion adopted by the Kosa itself. The second passage was not mistranslated by La Vallee Poussin, rather it is Law who changed the original text, as the Tibetan translation shows. But the passage in no way indicates the presence of "another Vasubandhu". The meaning of the phrase could be: ("This is the opinion of) the Master Vasubandhu, when he was the teacher of Manoratha". " This is in fact an opinion of the Kosa as well as the Mahäyäna writings of Vasubandhu.

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