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A Social heritage of rainy Nursing in the United States: From Breast to Bottle examines the intersection of clinical technology, social thought, and cultural practices as they formed family between rainy nurses, physicians, and households from the colonial interval in the course of the 20th century. It explores how americans used rainy nursing to resolve toddler feeding difficulties, exhibits why rainy nursing grew to become arguable as motherhood slowly turned medicalized, and elaborates how the advance of clinical little one feeding eradicated rainy nursing through the start of the 20th century. Janet Golden's examine contributes to our figuring out of the cultural authority of clinical technology, the position of physicians in shaping baby rearing practices, the social development of motherhood, and the profound dilemmas of sophistication and tradition that performed out within the inner most house of the nursery.

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Despite his misgivings about wet nurses, he had to advise mothers who could not for medical reasons suckle their babies. 17 Physicians debated the risks of nourishing an infant by artificial means against the hazards of using sick or ill-tempered wet nurses, and they also considered the likelihood of convincing well-to-do women to take their maternal responsibilities seriously. 18 Another influential English physician with an American audience, Hugh Smith, shared with Cadogan the belief that all mothers should nurse their infants.

Foreign writers were nearly unanimous in thinking that wet nurses generally lacked both health and morals. The allegations differed among the various tracts. "22 Others labeled them mercenaries and accused them of thoughtlessly casting aside their own babies in order to obtain a comfortable and well-paying position. 25 Buchan, a Scottish physician who had worked at the Foundling Hospital in Ackworth, Yorkshire, was the author of two best-selling books, Domestic Medicine (1769) and Advice to Mothers (1803), that found a vast audience in the United States as well 20 Smith, Female Monitor, p.

Mary Sewall, another granddaughter, died in 1712 while in the care of a wet nurse. "48 The custom of sending children out to wet nurse became popular among other Bostonians. Some urban families assumed that the city was an unhealthy environment, rife with both epidemic and endemic diseases. The countryside, many believed, provided a more salubrious setting, especially in the early months of life. 49 The use of rural wet nurses as prophylaxis cost money, and thus health concerns and status seeking converged when families sent their infants to the country.

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