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By Toyin Falola, Matthew M. Heaton

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Nigeria is Africa's such a lot populous state and the world's 8th biggest oil manufacturer, yet its good fortune has been undermined in contemporary a long time through ethnic and non secular clash, political instability, rampant legitimate corruption and an ill financial system. Toyin Falola, a number one historian in detail accustomed to the quarter, and Matthew Heaton, who has labored commonly on African technological know-how and tradition, mix their services to give an explanation for the context to Nigeria's fresh issues via an exploration of its pre-colonial and colonial prior, and its trip from independence to statehood. through interpreting key subject matters reminiscent of colonialism, faith, slavery, nationalism and the financial system, the authors express how Nigeria's heritage has been swayed by means of the vicissitudes of the area round it, and the way Nigerians have tailored to fulfill those demanding situations. This e-book deals a distinct portrayal of a resilient humans dwelling in a rustic with vast, yet unrealized, capability.

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Agriculture remains the way of life in rural areas, where communities remain largely homogeneous, while, in urban areas, lifestyles and economic activities are more heterogeneous. Cities are places where people from many different ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds interact on a regular basis. In this way, mutual understanding and respect between people can be fostered; at the same time, however, cities tend to be places where ethnic, religious, and class tensions often erupt. One of the main factors leading to the rapid growth of Nigerian cities is the migration of young people from rural areas to urban areas for education or employment opportunities, or simply for a taste of a more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Famous high-life musicians include the Ghanaian E. T. Mensah and Tunde King. system of political and economic organization in the Bight of Biafra from the Niger delta to Calabar. Each house derived from a lineage and competed with other houses for political influence and control of trade with Europeans, particularly the trade in slaves. literally ‘‘scar-headed,’’ slaves who served as administrators for the alafin of Oyo. holy war. form of popular music in southwestern Nigeria. term used to describe a political system in which one of the primary goals of the ruling politicians is the diversion of government funds into personal accounts and business ventures.

The book concludes with a short analysis of the 2007 elections, marking the first time in Nigeria’s history that one civilian regime handed over power to another. Despite the superficial triumph of this accomplishment, there is no reason to see the transfer of power as a turning point in Nigeria’s fortunes. The elections themselves were marred by controversy, and many of the problems that have negatively affected Nigerians in previous decades remain unresolved. Religion and ethnicity are still strong dividing lines between people; the average Nigerian is still mired in extreme poverty despite the country’s immense oil wealth; and the political class is still more concerned with solidifying its own power than with governing democratically in the best interests of the majority of the population.

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