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By William Weir

William Weir, writer of latest web page Book's 50 Battles that modified the area, takes one other examine the historical past of battle, concentrating on the that served these recognized battles, in addition to others now not as excellent. incorporated are: * person weapons-from spears to the submachine gun. * Crew-served weapons-from battering rams to "Big Bertha". * Unmanned weapons-from punji stakes to "Bouncing Betty" landmines and seize weapons. 50 guns that modified conflict even comprises units that, strictly talking, are guns companies, reminiscent of tanks and bombers, yet that have had huge, immense results at the behavior of conflict. This e-book describes the consequences of those guns and the way and why they replaced warfare-from the bloody carnage produced through hand guns all through background to the by no means used yet universally feared fusion bomb, whose sole goal is to damage thousands of individuals whereas leaving constructions intact. each one weapon is not just defined, but in addition illustrated to provide a clearer photograph of its utilization and results.

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The Ostrogothic and Alanic horsemen then attacked the Roman infantry from all sides. Roman infantry seldom worried about enemy cavalry, especially cavalry lancers. Lancers, precariously balanced on a running horse, could not easily thrust hard enough to wound an armored legionary, nor could javelinarmed riders throw as well as a foot soldier standing on firm ground. But these horsemen were different; their feet were firmly planted in metal rings suspended from their saddles. When a stirrup-equipped lancer charged, the strength and momentum of his 1,000-pound horse was concentrated in his lance point.

Valor in battle was the highest virtue for all Greeks, especially for the Spartans. Each Spartan man devoted his whole life to only one thing: becoming the bravest, strongest, most skillful hand-to-hand fighter he could be. Now it was possible for a puny coward with one of these machines to kill the bravest and strongest soldier who ever lived. The Spartans were not enthusiastic about the new weapon, and most Greeks agreed with them rather than with the Syracusians. Syracuse, a colony of Corinth, was relatively young for a Greek city and even younger as a major power in the Greek world.

When warriors learned to shoot from horseback, they effectively doubled the firepower of their armies. Instead of two horses pulling one chariot containing two men (and only one an archer), cavalry decided that the same number of horses and the same number of men provided twice as many archers. And a few centuries later, a very simple invention gave cavalry even more striking power, as we’ll see in Chapter 7. 36 7 More Horses: The Stirrup Ornate Spanish stirrup. This simple device gave the horseman a firmer seat for using the bow, and, especially, the lance.

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