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By Steve Giddins

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In a sequel to the highly winning 50 crucial Chess classes, Steve Giddins now provides 50 video games that every illustrate a tremendous successful technique. This attractive and hugely readable e-book is a painless option to construct your own arsenal of concepts and concepts. The video games are commonly from the fashionable period, yet with a couple of vintage examples selected to teach key topics in as transparent a manner as attainable. In those circumstances, the defender can have by no means noticeable the serious notion ahead of, and fails to react thoroughly. We then circulation directly to extra advanced examples the place the attacker must triumph over stiffer resistance. Giddins time and again indicates that regardless of the tactical complexity of lots of those battles, the elemental ideas could be grasped through all chess-players, and may aid them navigate via it seems that intimidating terrain. the numerous themes contain: * Attacking susceptible color complexes * the primary of 2 weaknesses * selecting the best exchanges * Devastating starting guidance * Manoeuvring in 'restraint' buildings * dealing with must-win events

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38 39 lDg2 'ii'e3 h5 Kasparov is now begging for an exchange of queens to relieve the pres­ sure. 2 Position after 39 'ii'e3 Black to play 39 40 41 42 43 44 'ij'd2 g4 fxg4 'ii'el lDe3 'ij'c4 'ij'e6+ hxg4+ 'ii'c4 �3+ 'ij'd3! A classy move. Instead of grabbing the first pawn available, it goes for the e-pawn - a centre pawn is a more valuable prize. This is a sign of maturity. A few years ago I can imagine a computer cash­ ing in straight away, but now a stronger positional feel has been incorporated into the programs.

I think that this was the real turning point in the game. I have seen Kaspar­ ov overwhelm his opponents with this kind of vicious counter-attack. He blasts his way through by sheer dint of effort and will. One can see his oppo­ nents cower with fear. I didn't see too much of that in this game. Instead, he could have sat tight by playing 25 ... Ud8 ! 26 1Wxb6 Ud7, but that's not Gazza's style. Ug8 White to play Just imagine, you are playing against Garry Kasparov, arguably the great­ est chess player that has ever lived; the game seems to be going well, but the Computers and Chess 41 mighty Gazza suddenly ditches his queenside pawns so as to launch a vicious kingside attack.

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