Rene-Pierre Bardet's 200 drum machine patterns PDF

By Rene-Pierre Bardet

(Technical). a suite of two hundred modern rhythm styles to application into your drum desktop. excellent for somebody attracted to MIDI or electronically managed track. This e-book is designed for use via the beginner or complex musician on any model of drum computer.

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Funk í 1 3 - ----У ... a В reak: 3 34 15. P 8 CВ a У V B reak:5 4 V у V V ■ Break; 6 AC tC Y CH OH c HT 4 Щ ----- W-W-i = à = ^ 9_____ 1 1 й MT a R8 UT CP 8 35 13 -Ц ' FUNK B reak: 7 12 AC CV t CH 9» HT MT s o-^ RS L. P S CB S D— B reak; 8 ___11 AC -----1 CY CH OH 'h T --MT 1 c i= s D ----- RS UT — CP». O — y B reak: 9 36 _y 12 F U N K B reak; 10 a * I ,^ ~ B r e a k ; 11 B r e a k t12 J1 AC C V C H— OM MT MT — [: 8 D» n m LT — C PS CB 37 21 11 FUNK JÜ 4j B r e a k ; 13 J- —- a __ a Break : 14 T -1 _______ ?

J ^ ______n - y -Y 11 13 15 AB — ii CV CH — OH Ht MX 8D P 8_ UT t CPS CB B o52 •>- Reggae : 4 у T x^ 7 l" ’ t l” ^[ » 7 CY r CH . [ 15 S АС oh HT MT 8D P8— L T CP 8 ca в D— X Reggae; 5 П n X X Л Л n Л. , . X ........ J, R eggae; 9 AO CY CH t ... ■ о и МT MT 8O Я UT CP8 \ ш CB Bd — - ■ 54 Ê î R eggae í 7¡ m ЛШ J T ^ /1 О :10 Reggae; 11 tí f Л Л П Reggae; 1 2 « 55 Л > — Я- -TsnW> Ш < 0 0 Ш cc •• CO CD A i— < ü ü o i S Ш f ,1>Х1ььОю1>апо mitJdoitt m со ю t tttt te î t tttî « t о > 1 1 ь Ю ш ь < U Ü O l S Q I I - * U Û O < 0 0 и > 1 1 ь 1 - о ш на в о ш аво o .

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