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By Edward R. Rosset

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A) garden's table b) table's garden c) garden table d) table garden 13. It was a nice ... a) chocolate cake b) cake chocolate c) cake's chocolated d) chocalate's cake 3. A table made of wood is a ... a) wood table b) table wood c) wood's table d) wooden table 4. A woman who drives a car is called a ... a) woman driver b) driver woman c) driver's woman d) woman's driver 14. I was caught in a ... on my way to the office. a) traffic jam b) jam traffic d) traffic's jam c) jam's traffic 5. ' 'Oh, yes.

Jim is going fishing with a mate ... a) of him b) of he c) of his d) of he's 3. to me, my love! a) Do speak c) Speak you 13. He hasn't got a secretary. He has to type ... letters. a) his own b) their own c) his very d) their very b) Do you speak d) Does speak 4. him come with us, please, Mum! a) Don't lets b) Doesn't let c) Do let d) Let's 14. That girl lives alone. I wouldn't like to live ... own. a) by my b) on her c) by her d) on my 5. She never buys clothes. She always makes ... clothes. a) her very b) her own c) your own d) their own 15.

5,200 is read: five ,.. two hundred. a) thousand and b) thousand c) thousands and d) thousands 4. There were ... children everywhere. a) hundreds b) hundred c) hundreds of d) hundred of 15. ' a) Two times b) One time c) Twice d) Thrice 5. Decimals are read as follows: seven ... 95). a) point b) comma c) full stop d) and 6. I've been there a) dozens of c) dozen 16. I got married on the ... July. a) 3th c) 3rd times. b) dozens d) dozen of 17. Two ... three make five. a) plus b) with c) more d) most 7.

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