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By Angus Dunnington

ISBN-10: 1901983226

ISBN-13: 9781901983227

With out approach, a chess online game is simply a sequence of tactical methods. an exceptional technique binds jointly the strategies, and allows a participant to make methodical development in the direction of victory.This publication makes convinced you are going to by no means be in need of successful techniques. Angus Dunnington makes use of his decades of chess enjoying and coaching to supply an arsenal of principles that may be hired in lots of sorts of place. those plans were confirmed in lots of grandmaster video games, so that you will be convinced that through the use of them your video game might be soundly dependent.

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Xf3 1 7 e6! Strauss) 1 7 ... CLlf6 1 8 e7+ �c8 19 �e6+ �c7 ( 1 9 . . CLld7 20 e8� 20 �f4 + wins, while instead 1 6 . . �g6 17 �xg7 Me8 1 8 dS ! Strauss) , opening more central lines, is crushing as 1 8 . . cxdS 19 �g5 + �c8 20 Mfc 1 + is appalling for Black. d5 1S e6! txe6 19 "lig5+! Now the point of 1 2 as is revealed: this check picks up the loose bishop on as ! 1 9 .. tg4 22 Mg 5 ! txh5 23 MXgS+ tiJfS 24 MxfS+ '>t>d7 25 tiJe5+ '>t>c7 26 MxaS Diverting the bishop to an inferior square. te2 2S MeS c5 29 �e7+ '>t>cS 30 tiJc6 1 -0 37 Th e S l a v S u m mary After 8 .

16 dxcS MCS (of course not 16 . . ltxcs 17 ltxh7+ �xh7 1 S iVc2+ �gS 19 tbgS ltg6 20 iVxcs, winning a pawn) , followed by . . ltxcs or . . MxcS, promise White anything. Th e O ld M a in L in e : B l a c k a //o ws e 3 - e 4 14 . JLg 6 . 1 5 JLxg6 hxg6 15 ... fxg6 used to be played almost automatically, primarily for defensive reasons: black players were worried that if they recaptured with the h­ pawn, White would play his knight on g3 to gS via e4 and his queen to h4, when Black would have no defence to 'Ih7 mate.

E7 13 . . cS is unpleasantly met by 14 ltgS! 'i'aS 15 ltbS! Once Black moves the knight on d7, he will lose the cs­ pawn, and he cannot protect it with a rook due to the bishop on gS. If he protects the knight with l S . . 'i'c7, then 16 Mac1 is unpleasant. The text prevents ltgS and prepares . . c6-cS . 1 4 CLlg3 The direct approach. 14 as has also been tried. dxc4 5 a4 �f5 6 e 3 e 6 7 �xc4 � b4 8 0-0 CLlbd7 9 �e2 �g6 1 0 e4 0-0 1 1 � d 3 �h5 1 2 e 5 CLld 5 1 3 CLle4 ! Question 4: Why does White play 14 as?

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